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Josefina Anjou (Sweden, 1993) is an artist who intends to spawn images from an inner place out of this world, to undo dualism and binary divisions of subject/object, nature/nurture, science/fiction by pointing at the things that are both. She considers herself a co-creator, one of many agents in a series of spooky actions manifesting her work. Her main medium is oil painting which more often than not exceeds the two–dimensional frame by the use of sculptural elements. She graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2019. She is currently a resident at Laurel Project Space in Amsterdam Oost.

Over the past year Josefina Anjou and Niklas Büscher have been working on LATE BLOOMER, a graphic novel imagined, drawn and written in collaboration. A tale of symbiosis, the narrative is a hybrid of teen-drama and ecological science fiction. The central character ‘B’ unifies the artists’ own memories of adolescence and a quirky take on antihumanism. The novel can be purchased by following the link below.


→ Order LATE BLOOMER Volume 1 ‘daydream’
→ Read the Bachelor Thesis 'To Seriously and Sincerely Believe in Spooky Action at a Distance'


Launch of LATE BLOOMER, Vol 1 ‘daydream’ in New Zealand
Wet Green, Auckland
Organized by Ellyse Randrup and Eleanor Woodhouse
April 2021

Tails II
Studio 21, Split
Curated by Jasmina Saric, Sofia Jonsson
Summer 2021


The Rose That Grew Out Of Concrete with RJM Vanderheyden
D.Y.A.D Project Space, Amsterdam
Apil 2021

Launch of LATE BLOOMER, Vol 1 ‘daydream’
San Serriffe, Amsterdam
Organized by Pieter Verbeke, Josefina Anjou and Niklas Büscher
Oct 2020

Tilde, Amsterdam
Curated by Diego Diez, Josefina Anjou and Niklas Büscher
Oct 2020

Visions in a Gradient
Plan B, Amsterdam
Organized by Thomas Adolfs and Tarja Szaraniec
Oct 2020

Bologna CC, Amsterdam
Organized by Ivan Cheng
Jan 2020

Josefina Anjou and Sarah Kieska
Galerié Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Curated by Nick Terra
Nov – Jan 2019/20


Draget Mod Vrangsiden / Enchanted by the Flip Side
OK Corral, Copenhagen
Curated by Anders Kjær Rasmussen and Emil Busch Madsen
April 2021

Claro del Bosque
Intersticio, Madrid
Curated by Cristina Herraiz Peleteiro
Mars 2021

I'm Not Your Territory, We Are My Only Character
Atelier Chiffonnier, Dijon
Curated by Antonin Giroud Delorme
Oct 2020

The Monstreus Bouquet
Omstand, Arnhem
Curated by Mireille Tap
Sep 2020

Separation, Alignment, Cohesion
Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam
Organized by Laurel Collective
Aug 2020

Ride or Die.2, Slottsskogsobservatoriet, Gothenburg
Curated by Oda Haugerud
June 2020

Tilde, Amsterdam
Curated by Diego Diez
Feb 2020

Parkeringsplatsen mittemot Kommersen, Gothenburg
Organized by Oda Haugerud
Oct 2019

Rietveld Graduation Show
July 2019

Take A Walk On The Wild Side, Rietveld UNCUT
Stedelijk Museum, Amstedam
Organized by Thomas Adolfs and Tarja Szaraniec
Mars 2019

Uttran lake, Stockholm
Organized by Tora Shultz Larsen, Emilie Palmelund, Christian Ovesen, Maiken Buus Andersen
February 2019

Reaktorhallen R1, Stockholm
Organized by Jasmina Saric, Sofia Jonsson, Josefina Anjou och Philip Ullman
Augusti 2018

Noisy Walls
House complex, Amsterdam
Organized by Michael Broschmann, Lukasz Matuszewski, Emma Nantermoz, Johan Roelofs
April 2018

Siete y Miedo
at Supersimetrica, Madrid
Organized by Pl`t- (Diego Diez and Dieuwertje Hehewerth)
Februari 2018

Art Trade: New Dawn
Sociëteit SEXYLAND, Amsterdam
Organized by Galerie Fleur and Wauter
September 2017

Dungeon Keeps, Condo Bleeps
Squatted condo in Amsterdam
Organized by Robin Brass, Emilie Palmerud, Josefina Anjou, Anton Halla, Jonatan Aldenberg and more
May 2017

Gut Fauna
Cultureel Centrum 't Fijnhout, Amsterdam
Organized by Nils Andreasen & Oda Haugerud
November 2017

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Curated by Diego Diez & Borja Llobregat
May 2017


Ywens Diary Pt. II – Summer Camp 18
Exhibition and residency, Ry, Denmark
Organised av Mathias & Andreas Tang
Juli 2018

Exhibition and recidency, Gotland, Sweden
Organised by Anton Halla, Helena Tan, Pedro Herrero
October 2018

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